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I Am Ready For Winter To End

I don't do cold well.  And living in the southern part of Texas is usually bearable during winters, with shorts and tee shirts worn throughout November and some of December and a sweater or light coat for what remains of our short winter season.  But this year it has been cold.  Really cold.  And wet.  And quite unpleasant.  I don't like it.  I did my tour of colder climes when we lived in St. Louis for five years.  I didn't know it could get that cold!  Brrrrrr

This weather makes me want to hunker down even more than I have been over the last few months since Wade died.  Is that possible?  To hunker down even more?  I don't think a committed recluse could be hunkering down more than I am lately.  Today, I was thinking back over the past week....or two?....trying to recollect where I have been and what I have done.  I think I went to the bank last week or was that the week before?  Who knows.  Today I met my brother in law for a brief moment to get some paperwork to him as he was passing through town.  Yep, that about covers it.

If the weather was nicer, I would be outside working in the yard.  Heaven knows it needs tending.  With the cold weather, the plants suffered a great deal and most had to be cut back to the ground because of the freeze.  I am thankful my sister took care of that chore for me.  And because of her, my compost pile overflows.  Lots and lots of leaves and grass from the yard along with the shredded paper and along with some fertilizer it should make some nice compost, if I would just get out there and water it and cover it so it can do it's thing.

One thing I always enjoyed was mowing the yard.  Now mind you, it is a riding mower because the lot is about a 1/2 acre.  Another one of those "gifts" we gave each other...of course it was totally justified, and fits into the "power tool" category that Wade and I both had for necessary tools.  Although a self-propelled walk behind would be nice for a little exercise, I suppose.  Regardless, I would grab a bottle of water, put on some sun block and my iPod and really enjoy mowing the yard.  Wade hated the way I mowed the yard.  I would catch him watching me sometimes, just shaking his head.  He felt that I wasn't efficient in how I tackled the job, but I always tried to convince him that my way was the best.  I suppose if the mower had broken down before I finished, it would have been a sight since I do large "S" patterns to minimize any duplication of mowing.  Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  He was more orderly and precise than I and did each row in sequence.

During the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, he was putting gas or oil in the chain saw and put it in the wrong place.    His eyesight had gotten so bad, I'm sure that was the reason, because he was the smartest man I ever knew.  And he knew machines and power tools and electric stuff and cars and trucks.....and everything.  He took the chain saw apart, cleaned it and ordered the repair kit, but never got around to putting it back together.   Now I need the chainsaw to take down an overgrown, freeze fried Monstera and he is not here to do it.

I'll put repairing the chainsaw on my list.

In the meantime,  perhaps I should focus on "the list."  It is growing and it looks daunting, and I have only completed one (small) thing so far.  One step at a time, right?

I'm looking forward to Spring.  It will be a time of  renewal for me I am sure.  The feel of the sun on my face rejuvenates me and  I need that.  Yes, that is my story and I'm sticking to it.


i was born and raised in Texas, central Texas. my father had a ranch, 150 acres with cattle. i love Texas and miss it. i think of it as home. but i wonder if Wolfe was right in that "you can't go home again." i am where i am because my daughter is building her life here. but i think of Texas and my father's ranch, the house i grew up in, that long summer days that seemed endless. i remember the warmer winters and getting bikes for Christmas, then riding them in short sleeves before time to eat.

if i could, i'd come visit you in Texas and let you show me around your area. then i'd drive us to where i grew up. i'd show you Castleman Creek and the land my father used to own. i'd show you the lake i learned to ski on and then we'd eat the best hamburgers i've ever tasted no matter where i've lived. Health Camp. though after all these decades i'm guessing it's no longer there.

i'm looking forward to Spring as well. the Texas sun, wait, i'm not there anymore. ah, well, at least you are. when you see the Bluebonnets and the Indian Paintbrush cover the fiields, think of me. maybe take a photo for me and post it.

thinking of you. wishing you peace.

February 2, 2010 at 9:02 AM  

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